Our Quality Stands Out

Supplying restaurants, retailers and distributors for over 40 years.

Paisano Sausage Logo with Shield, Italian flag colors and letters P and S on the shield in gold.

What we do:

Make artisan sausage part of your Restaurant, Deli or Market.
Create our special Hot or Mild Italian Sausage in bulk, rope, links and patties for various sausage experiences.
Develop, manufacture and package custom sausage products with your individual brand, needs and flavor profiles.
Provide other products like our breakfast sausage links or patties, pastas and cheeses.
Make it wonderfully easy to add our pasta, sauce and pre-cooked meatballs to your menu or store.
Create and package other sausages like turkey or lamb for Fulfilling special dietary needs.
Provide small business service with big business value.