Our Story

The Paisano Sausage company was started aver 43 years ago by two good friends (Paisanos). John Laurienti and Jim LaBate started making sausage for the restaurants and pizzerias in Denver. Due to Jim's health issues John bought out his interest. I, Katherine Laurienti came on board in 1981. I started as a part time sales person, but soon moved into production.
Eventually John and I married and he let me take over the running of the company. As more chain restaurants started moving into Denver, our customer base of small family owned businesses kept shrinking. We struggled to find ways to keep busy. Just as I was perfecting the dry sausage and getting ready to market it, John passed away. Although it is his original recipe, John never knew about North Denver Sausage.

Soon after John's passing, I won a contest with Deluxe Corp. The winner would get $15,000 to spend on marketing and the help of a "Marketing Mentor" for one year. It was with their help and advice that I launched North Denver Sausage. We decided on the name North Denver Sausage for many reasons. I remembered the stories from the Italian families growing up in North Denver of the sausage hanging in the attics or basements. Every family had their own special recipe and it was always made around Christmas when the temperature cooled down. Although I started with the traditional Italian recipe, I continue to add new varieties that interest me. Each flavor has its own story that you can read about on the labels.

After almost 35 years in the business, I still start work at 5:30 every morning and I still am passionate about making the best sausage.

Make Every Day a Special Occasion

Making sausage is a family tradition in Italian neighborhoods. Growing up, it seemed every family had one or two curing in the garage or attic when cooler weather came around. The sausages would cure for a few weeks so they would be ready for the holidays.

Our Secret To Making Dry Sausage Is Simple:

-We Don't Use Chemicals or Preservatives
-We Make It Because We Love It
-We Use an All-Natural Casing
-We Use Only the Best Ingredients
-We Work In Small Batches

What Has Changed?

The equipment is better, for one thing. We ship our dry sausage all over the country; our facility adheres to USDA guidelines and is subject to regular inspections. Our sausage hangs in a climate-controlled room where we control the temperature and humidity, so we don't have to wait for cooler weather to make it, which means it's available all year long.

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