Italian sausage

The Secret To Making Great Italian Sausage

We make it like your Great Grandma would've made it, if she had a state-of-the-art industrial sausage stuffer.
But you get what we're driving at: Our sausage recipe hasn't changed since we started in business. It's made fresh to order every day; we don't cut corners and we don't use preservatives. We use high-quality ingredients, and as much as we can, we keep it local.

We've used the same pork supplier for over 20 years. We are sticklers for quality. Because we are a small company, we maintain consistency and quality in our products. We're hands on, too; machines can't make meatballs, at least not correctly. The texture isn't right. We don't mess with the recipe for our Italian sausage. It hasn't changed since we started making it in 1973. It was, quite simply, perfect.


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The Sauces

The sauces we sell are sourced from a local artisan sauce manufacturer and our relationship goes back a very long way. We can honestly say these meticulously prepared sauces are among the finest we've tasted and are a perfect complement to our tasty pastas and meats. Please drop by the shop and pick some up to try tonight.

making meatballs

Quality, Consistency And Passion

Making the finest Italian sausage and meatballs is what we do. We keep it simple; the best things in life are. We strive for consistency, so you'll know you're getting the best Italian sausage for your family dinner every time. We use high-quality ingredients, including an all-natural hog casing. Our sausage tastes the best because it's made to order every day. We don't cut corners, we don't use preservatives, and as much as we can, we keep it local.

Paisano's Italian Sausage
Our recipe hasn't changed since 1973. We grind pork and fresh herbs and spices. We make it two ways, Link or Rope. We use an all-natural hog casing to make our sausage. Our favorite way to serve it is baked, with pasta and marinara.

Some of the sausage we leave in loose form. It's best used in lasagna, to make meatballs, and of course, in pie at Easter. A few years ago, some of our customers let us know that it is great grilled. Better than any hamburger! So during summer months, we have them ready to go in patties for your cookout.

Paisano's Meatballs
We use beef and pork, along with herbs and spices, and romano cheese to make our meatballs. They're handmade, rolled into 1-ounce or 2-ounce meatballs. They're pre-cooked, too. And the best part is that we quality control every batch!