Italian sausage

The Secret To Making Great Italian Sausage

We make it like your Great Grandma would've made it, if she had a state-of-the-art industrial sausage stuffer.
But you get what we're driving at: Our sausage recipe hasn't changed since we started in business. It's made fresh to order every day; we don't cut corners and we don't use preservatives. We use high-quality ingredients, and as much as we can, we keep it local.

We've used the same pork supplier for over 20 years. We are sticklers for quality. Because we are a small company, we maintain consistency and quality in our products. We're hands on, too; machines can't make meatballs, at least not correctly. The texture isn't right. We don't mess with the recipe for our Italian sausage. It hasn't changed since we started making it in 1973. It was, quite simply, perfect.